This guide will take you through the simple steps of using the Aura Translation Tool.

Your first step will be to open Invoicing;

Once Invoicing is open you will need to navigate to Lists on the top Navigation bar, then scroll down to Translate Print;

Once you have the Translator tool open, you will have 3 sections on the top Navigation bar;

  • Store Details: This is the store information that prints on the till slip;
  • Static: These are the static fields on the slip, for example, Payment type, Order type, Totals, etc.;
  • Menu Items: This is where you will find all of the menu items on the system;

Each of the sections has a list of "items" and their descriptions in English and a blank field where you can type the translated words;

It is very important that after you have added the translation you need to Save the information by clicking on the correction mark above the Fields;

Once you are done adding the translations you can click on OK.