The Sales by Invoice Source Report will assist stores that have more than one source of where invoices are placed, for example, if you have a store that is using Aura Invoicing, Mobile POS, and Self Service terminals (SST) you will need a report that can keep track of which invoice came from which source.

Open Backoffice, at the top of the screen click on Reports, then scroll to Sales, then scroll down to Sales by Invoice Source;

When running the report you will have the following options, 

  • Date From: this will indicate the start date for the report.
  • Date Until: this will indicate the end date for the report.
  • Show Invoices: this will give you a breakdown of all the invoices, if not ticked you will only receive a summary.

Each Invoice Source will be indicated on its own page, with the final page of the report showing a cross-tab report (comparing all the invoices sources)

Below is an example of what the pages will look like

(Show Invoices is not ticked)

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3