The Sales by Customer Report will assist stores that want to keep track of all sales per customer.

Open Backoffice, at the top of the screen click on Reports, then scroll to Sales, then scroll down to Sales by Customer;

When running the report you will have the following options, 

  • Date From: this will indicate the start date for the report.
  • Date Until: this will indicate the end date for the report.
  • Select customer from List: this will give you the ability to run the report for all customers or only a selected customer;

Each customer will be indicated on its own page, below is an indication of what the report looks like.

This report can be used to consolidate and recon Mr. D & Uber Eats orders. 

First, you will need to select the customer as Mr. D, or Uber Eats.

Then when viewing the report it will list all the orders for the selected date with a total.

This report can then be compared to the report received from Mr. D, and the same can be done for Uber Eats.