Below is a list of the new reports available in Legacy Aura:

  • Sales by Customer Report will assist stores that want to keep track of all sales per customer, this report is ideal for stores that are using 3rd Party delivery services as customers.

  • Sales by Invoice Source Report will assist stores that have more than one source of where invoices are placed, for example, if you have a store that is using Aura Invoicing, Mobile POS, and Self Service terminals (SST) you will need a report that can keep track of which invoice came from which source.

  • Kitchen Speed Report will assist stores that are using the latest version of Kitchen Workflow Manager, this report uses timestamps from the kitchen displays and calculates the time it takes an order from being placed to being ready, this is ideal for orders that have to go through different makelines and cooking procedures.

  • GP by Transaction Type Report, it's like a GP but based on the different transaction types, e.g., Counter, Collect, Delivery, and Table all calculated separately.

  • Online Orders by Transaction Type Report was updated to group collect and delivery orders and show a subtotal for each type of order. This grouping will make it easier to reconcile online orders that were paid online with Yumbi.

For more detailed information on each report click on the report name links above.

Where to find the reports:

  • Sales by Customer: Backoffice > Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Invoice Source: Backoffice > Reports > Sales > Sales by Invoice Source
  • Kitchen Speed: Backoffice > Reports > Activity > Kitchen Speed
  • GP by Transaction Type: Backoffice > Reports > Summary > Gross Profit > GP by Transaction Type
  • Online Orders by Transaction Type: Backoffice > Reports > Sales > Online Orders by Transaction Type

If you cannot locate any of the above reports, please contact support for assistance;