Kitchen Speed Report will assist stores that are using the latest version of Kitchen Workflow Manager, this report uses timestamps from the kitchen displays and calculates the time it takes an order from being placed to being ready, this is ideal for orders that have to go through different makelines and cooking procedures.

Before running the report you need to ensure that the correct "Actions on Complete" has been set on the Kitchen DisplayQueues;

Makeline queue "Actions on Complete" - "Reporting: Record Start Cooking Time"

Cutting queue "Actions on Complete" - "Reporting: Record Finish Cooking Time"
NB!! If the above has not been set the report will not be able to provide accurate data.

Open Backoffice, at the top of the screen click on Reports, then scroll to Activity, then scroll down to Kitchen Speed;

When running the report you will have the following options, 

  • Date From: this will indicate the start date for the report.
  • Date Until: this will indicate the end date for the report.
  • Show Invoices: this will give you a breakdown of all the invoices, if not ticked you will only receive a summary.

Below is an example of what the report will look like:

(Show invoices ticked)

(Show invoices not ticked)