The Rongta thermal receipt printer can also be connected via Ethernet, USB & Serial

The setup for the new Rongta printer will mostly be the same as setting up the older TM-T20 or TP808 printer.

Below are some images for the Rongta thermal receipt printer

Important notice for changing the printer's IP address.

● You firstly need to add a secondary IP address on the server eg.

● Secondly, you need to add the printer to the server.

Once the above is complete, do the following:

You need to download the tool from the below url:

Unzip the folder and run the pointed tool below:

The below shows the printer tool

What to do when the printer tool is open

1. Change the port to Ethernet.

2. Select printer driver.

3. Select the name of the added printer.

4. Click on set printer so you can be taken to the next page which is shown below.

1. Select Ethernet so you can make changes to the IP address of the printer.

2. Change your IP address together with the gateway.

3. Click on Set


You will now need to switch off the printer.

Upon restart make sure to press the feed button so you can see the new IP address of the