As a new feature in Aura 6.2, recipes can be further customized to cover the differences between a takeaway order and a sit-down order. These options are set regardless of the order type, as they only affect the items added to the standard recipe.

Controls for the eat-in and eat-out recipes are handled exactly the same way as the standard recipe, however, the difference comes in with the way these recipes affect your menu items.

In order to use this feature, the Eat-in / Eat-out option needs to be enabled in your system settings. 

For more information, see the section on General Program Settings.

In Back office this needs to be enabled at all stores:

Preferences > System Settings > All Computers > Program Settings > General

When this option is enabled, you will see two extra tabs next to the standard recipe tab, as shown in the example image below:

For details on how to set the eat-in and eat-out recipes, please use the same procedures as outlined previously for the Standard Recipes

This section simply covers the purpose of the extra recipe options.

Example Eat-In / Eat-Out Recipe Variations


Base Recipe:

This will contain your standard pizza recipe with the base and toppings. Without any packaging or napkins.

Eat In Recipe:

§4 x paper plates
§4 x branded paper napkins

Eat Out Recipe:

§1 x pizza box (large)
§8 x branded paper napkins


End Result:

Adding this item to an order order as an 'Eat-In' option, will take the base recipe, and add 4 paper plates and 4 branded paper napkins, without any box.

End Result:

Adding this item to an order marked as 'Eat-Out' will not add any paper plates, but will instead add a pizza box and extra napkins.

Not all menu items will require variations for the eat-in or eat-out options, however in scenarios like the example above where a pizza is only placed in a box if it is to be a take away order, the eat-in vs eat-out recipes setup will be an easy way to account for this.