Receiving an Online Order

Typically, when an online order is sent through to a store using Aura, The online ordering system will automatically process it and print it to the store’s production and invoice printers. Saved online orders are listed under the Outstanding tab on the AURA Invoicing program’s main screen. 

Depending on what the customer has asked for, the order may be a Collect or Delivery, and the order will be labeled as either under the Type heading. If the order is a delivery, it may be assigned to a driver as per normal.

Orders that are paid online will be indicated as such on the slip. Below is an example of online order Invoice and Production slip.


Manual Order Processing

If an order fails to be processed correctly in Aura, it will process automatically to the Fail Over Printer/Tablet/Device if available, which will print out or display the order information. These orders must still be processed in Aura using the relevant online ordering platform categories.