As per Cosoft's support policy, we do not perform administrative tasks on the Aura point-of-sale system on behalf of the user. We define an Administrative task as any action that the point of sale is already equipped to do and that can be done by a knowledgeable user.

Here are several examples of administrative tasks that are frequently requested for Aura support agents to perform:

  • Adding or editing employees
  • Adding or editing discounts
  • Enabling or disabling Optional menu items
  • Setting stock items as Controllable
  • Adding stock item to custom stock locations
  • Setting permissions for users
  • Overring orders
  • Capture Stock Takes/GRVs/Manufactures etc.
  • Processing special orders or Wicode/Yumbi vouchers

We can teach and advise a user in the performing of such tasks under normal support, but if you wish a cosoft employee to personally perform the task we will ask that you request a quote for expected work hours from, in which case once approved we will schedule an agent to action the task.